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African Volunteer Football Academy for the Less Privilege 2005 CONSTITUTION


Article #1.



Article #2.The Organization

2.1 The name of the Organisation is African Volunteer Football Academy for the less Privilege, hereinafter called the "Association".


2.2 Location

The legal head office is in the City of Limbe, South West Province. The lawyer of the Association shall have custody of the corporate seal and the minute book.


2.3 All correspondence shall be sent to the head office at P.O. Box 1218 Limbe, South West Province, Cameroon.


Article #3.Affiliations

3.1 The Association shall be affiliated with any organisation and shall be subject to the constitutions and rules and regulations of these organizations when the Association's constitution and rules and regulations are not applicable.


Article #4.Objections

4.1 The Association works to promote and develop the game of soccer in Cameroon in particular and Africa as a whole at all levels.


4.2 The Association shall be Charitable, Voluntary, non-profit, non-partisan, non-sectarian, non-racial and strictly amateur.


4.3 To educate and train the population on the Rights of the youths and sensitise the youths on the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic;


4.4 To fight against the illicit manufacture, possession, trade or transfer of small arms and light weapons (SALW).


4.5 To fight against child labour and assist the child in conflict with the law.


4.6 Fight child and women trafficking, drugs and arms violence amongst our youths


4.7 Provide community access to the computers (for a fee) outside Of the minimum of six free youth hours.


4.8 To build and support a Youths community working to defend Human Rights, social justice and to inspire and empower a new generation of Youths to act for a meaningful social change.


Article #5.Association

5.1 The Association shall be composed of members as set out in this constitution and an executive and board of directors as stated in these by-laws shall manage it.



6.1 Membership in the Association shall be open to all individuals in good standing registered with the club. The executive may also extend membership to volunteers who assist the Association at special events.The Board of Directors shall set membership fees and the collection of it annually.


6.2 Members in good standing are members who have paid all applicable fees and are not in suspension from any discipline committee at any level.


6.3 Their individual team coaches at the AGM or Special Meeting shall represent all registered members. Youth and adult team coaches are expected to poll their team players and parents and vote according to the wishes of the majority.


6.4 At the AGM~ the youth teams and the adult teams as members in good standing with the Association will have the same total number of votes.


6.5 Each youth team shall have one (1) vote.


6.6 In order to maintain an equitable balance between youth and adult present at AGM, the adult teams share the total number of votes held by the youth teams divided by the total number of adult teams. Adult teams may have more than one (1) vote.



Article #7.Annual General Meeting

7.1 The Association will hold an AGM at least once per year, within forty-five (45) days of the FECAFOOT AGM.


Article #8.Auditor

8.1 The Association will appoint an independent auditor perform a full audit or a financial audit to be included at the AGM.


Article #9.Special Meeting

9.1 At the request of 20% of the teams in good standing, the Association must hold a special meeting. The agenda for the special meeting will be set and be available two (2) weeks prior to the meeting.Only those items specified on the agenda may be discussed at the special meeting.


Article #10.Procedure at Annual General Meeting

a) Those present sign in


b) Minutes of the previous AGM and any Special Meeting are read.


c) Minutes are corrected for errors or omissions and accepted.


d) Unfinished business arising from the minutes read.


e) President's report. (Motion to accept).


f) Secretary's report. (Motion to accept).


g) Treasurer's report. (Motion to accept).


h) Auditor's report. (Motion to accept).


i) Registrar's report. (Motion to accept).


j) Director's report. (Motion to accept).


k) Committee or project reports. (Motion to accept).


l) Other reports. (Motion to accept),


m) Election of officers


n) Appointment of Auditor. (Motion to accept).


o) Amendments(s) to the constitution.


p) Other business. (Motion(s) to accept).


q) Date, Place, Time of the next meeting.


r) Motion to adjourn.


Article #11.Officers of the Company - Board of Directors

11.1 The executive and board of directors shall consist of (14) members- the Executive President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer and the Board: ten(10) Director's. These officers shall have one (1) vote each at the monthly Association meetings and the AGM.


11.2 The Directors' positions on the board include: Equipment, Technical, Minor Male rep., Minor Female rep., Special Events, Registrar, Senior Rep., and Alumni.


11.3 The board of directors will meet at least six (6) times per year.


11.4 The office of a board member or director shall be vacant if the individual is removed or allowed to resign. The board of directors may appoint a person to fill the vacancy until the next AGM and that position shall have full voting rights.


11.5 Officers shall not miss more than four (4) meetings per year, at which time they may lose their right to vote or be removed from the executive.


Article #12.Quorum

12.1 A quorum for the AGM or any Special Meeting is twenty (20) teams. A quorum for an executive meeting is 50% of the Board of Directors.


Article #13.Amendment of the Constitution

13.1 Amendments to the constitution are made available to the registered team at least two (2) weeks prior to the AGM. Only those amendments can be voted on at AGM. Those amendments can be modified at the AGM.


13.2 Amendments can be submitted in writing at any time to the chairperson of the Constitution Committee.


Article #14.Functions of the Executive

14.1 Functions of the executive members are listed in Appendix #1 and may be modified at any executive meeting.


Article #15.Procedure for the removal of a board member or Director.

15.1 In the event that an officer needs to be removed, he/she may be removed upon acceptance of a motion to remove that officer. That position subsequently may be filled by the acceptance of a motion by the executive. The position will remain full until the next AGM, at which time the position will become open for election.


Article #16.Association Discipline

16.1 The Association shall appoint a discipline committee to handle all discipline matters. This committee shall report to the executive on an "as needed" basis. Any discipline issues may be taken to FECAFOOT Limbe as the first right of appeal. Further appeal may be directed to the FECAFOOT Buea. Discipline issues regarding referees will be reported immediately to the FECAFOOT Referee-In- Chief.


Article #17.

17.1 All matters not included in this constitution shall be judged in accordance with constitution of FECAFOOT. Likewise, matters not included in the FECAFOOT constitution will be judged in accordance with the constitution of the FIFA.


Article #18.

18.1 FECAFOOT Rules of Order will be used in all situations not predetermined in this constitution.


Executive Functions

Appendix #1 Executive:

1.1 President Shall:

1.1.1 Be responsible for all phases of the Association's business and is accountable to the Membership and the Board of Directors.

1.1.2 Call and conduct all meetings of the Association.

1.1.3 Be an ex officio member of Association committees.

1.1.4 Be one (1) of the signing officers.

1.1.5 Chair the discipline committee.

1.1.6 Act as spokesperson for the Association at all times, unless he/she otherwise delegates the responsibility.

1.1.7 Be elected to serve a two (2) year term in even years, the date begins at the AGM.


1.2 Vice President Shall:

1.2.1 Assume the presidential powers either in the absence of or under the instructions of the President.

1.2.2 Assume other duties as assigned by the President and/or the Board of Directors.

1.2.3 Be elected to serve a two (2) year term on odd number years: the date begins at the AGM.

1.2.4 Can one of the signing officers.


1.3 Secretary/Registrar Shall:

1.3.1 Keep true and accurate records of all Association meetings.

1.3.2 Attend to Association correspondence and certify all documents issued by the Association.

1.3.3 Make available the minutes of the Association to the board and approved minutes to members in good standing by request.

1.3.4 Make available to the Board the minutes of the previous month's meeting two (2) weeks prior to the next monthly meeting.

1.3.5 Informs the Board a minimum of seven (7) days before all board meetings.

1.3.6 Can be one (1) of the signing officers.

1.3.7 Register all players, coaches, managers, and board of directors with the club, FECAFOOT & FIFA.

1.3.8 Collect all registration fees and record for the Treasurer.

1.3.9 Control all forms required by the Association.

1.3.10 Reports at the monthly meetings and the AGM.

1.3.11 Undertakes other duties as assigned by the President and/or Board.

1.3.12 Can be one of the signing officers.

1.3.13 Be elected to serve a two (2) year term in odd years: the date begins at the AGM.

1.3.14 Receives an honorarium.


1.4 Treasurer Shall:

1.4.1 Record accurately the financial transactions of the Association in a timely manner and report to the board at all monthly meetings and the AGM.

1.4.2 Presents all necessary information to the auditors.

1.4.3 Ensure the Association's audited financial statement is complete, available and included in the Annual Report.

1.4.4 Settle all accounts by cheque.

1.4.5 The treasurer shall receive approval from the board for all expenditures exceeding 500.000 Frs. CFA.

1.4.6 Arrange to have a minimum of three (3) signing authorities with two (2) signatures on each cheque.

1,4.7 Be one of the signing officers.

1.4.8 Undertake other duties as assigned by the President.

1.4.9 Receives an honorarium.

1.4.10 Be elected to serve a two (2) year term on even numbered years: the date begins at the AGM.


1.5 Technical Director shall:

1.5.1 Hold a minimum of Senior Community Coaching Level in Soccer.

1.5.2 Chairs the coach selection committee each year.

1.5.3 Assist coaches with both indoor and outdoor training sessions when requested.

1.5.4 Sets up coaching clinics through the District.

1.5.5 Organize coaches meetings in consultation with the minor and senior team representatives.

1.5.6 Report at monthly meetings and the AGM.

1.5.7 Is the first contact for any issues with coaches, managers, players and parents?

1.5.8 Undertake other duties as assigned by the President

1.5.9 Be elected to serve a two (2) year term on even numbered years: the date begins at the AGM.

1.5.10 Ideally will not be an active coach within the club.


1.6 Facility Director shall:

1.6.1 Be the person that contacts the Board of Works on any issues with fields or buildings, and follows up to see that the work has been done as requested.

1.6.3 Responsible for the entire sponsor signs at community field.

1.6.4 Organizes clean ups of the community field during the dry and raining seasons.

1.6.5 Report at monthly meetings and the AGM.

1.6.6 Undertake other duties as assigned by the President.

1.6.7 Be elected to serve a one (1) year term to commence at the AGM.


1.7 Communication Director shall:

1.7.1 Keep accurate records of all new and renewed sponsors.

1.7.2 Sees that all sponsors names are on the AVFAL Web Site.

1.7.3 Obtains new sponsor signs as required and ensure that they are hung up at Community Field and in the Head office.

1.7.4 All invoices shall be submitted to the Treasurer.

1.7.5 Report at monthly meetings and the AGM.

1.7.6 Responsible for the Associations media publicity for both its youth and adult teams.

1.7.7 Be responsible for the media sign at community field.

1.7.8 Places all advertising required by the Association in the appropriate newspapers and the web site.

1.7.9 Undertake other duties as assigned by the President.

1.7.10 Be elected to serve a one (1) year term to commence at the AGM.


1.8 Male/Female/Senior Team Representative (4) Directors shall:

1.8.1 Attend all meetings for the teams in their respective leagues.

1.8.2 Will handle all league business for their teams.

1.8.3 Sit on the Coaches Selection Committee.

1.8.4 Assists in setting up practice times for their teams.

1.8.5 Have input into league schedules.

1.8.6 Be the go between the league and the scheduler re field allocation.

1.8.7 Assists the technical director as required.

1.8.8 Be elected to a one (1) year term (minor reps only) to commence at the AGM.

1.8.9 Undertake other duties as assigned by the President.

1.8.10 Senior rep will be appointed by the Board from one of the senior team members, whether a player, coach, manager or volunteer.

1.8.10 Will serve a one (1) year term.


1.9 Equipment Director shall:

1.9.1 Canvasses each January for equipment needs of all teams, and have the order ready for by February 15th of each year.

1.9.2 Ensure that all teams wear the same uniform. (Colour, style etc)

1.9.3 Orders all equipment required by the Association and approves equipment required by the Soccer Camp.

1.9.4 Keep an inventory of all equipment owned by the Association and file a copy with the treasurer.

1.9.5 Ensure that all equipment is in good condition and replaces equipment when required.

1.9.5 Report at monthly meetings and the AGM.

1.9.6 Undertake other duties as assigned by the President.

1.9.7 Be elected to serve a one (1) year term to commence at the AGM.

1.9.8 Be a member of the Soccer Camp Committee.


1.10 Tournament Director shall:

1.10.1 Oversees and delegates to the tournament chair.

1.10.2 Buy all trophies/medals for tournament winners

1.10.3 Book all field requirements and pavilion.

1.10.4 Order Portable toilets for fields that need them.

1.10.5 Report to the Board at monthly meetings and the AGM.

1.10.6 Submits Tournament Host Applications to the District.

1.10.7 Do brochure for the tournaments.

1.10.8 Do any other forms required for the tournament, team rosters, and registration forms etc.

1.10.9 Ensures that volunteers conveners are at all of the fields.

1.10.10 Sets up a discipline committee.

1.10.11 Get volunteers to do registration and checking of player books.

1.10.12 Put together a package for all teams with coupons, list of restaurants, entertainment venues, hotels etc.

1.10.13 Passes all invoices to the Treasurer.

1.10.14 Receive an honorarium.

1.10.15 Be elected to serve a one (1) year term to commence at the AGM.

1.10.16 Reports at monthly meetings and the AGM.

1.10.17 Undertake other duties as assigned by the President.


1.11 Canteen Director Shall:

1.11.1 Be responsible for stocking the canteen.

1.11.2 Keep all invoices received for purchasing stock for canteen, which will be attached to the financial record.

1.11.3 Keep a financial record of purchases, receipts, deposit and balance, which are given to the treasurer at intervals during the season.

1.11.4 Be responsible for opening and closing of the canteen for East Gate 1 functions.

1.11.5 Be appointed b Association y the Association each year.