Football charity - AVFAL

The African Volunteer Football Academy for the Less Privileged (AVFAL) is a Charitable Football Organisation based in Limbe, Cameroon, Freetown in Sierra Leone and Nakuru, Kenya. AVFAL's major objective is to provide soccer training to less privilege African Children.

The African Volunteer Football Academy for the Less Privileged (AVFAL) plays a vital role in the economic and social well being of our communities, state and nation. AVFAL provide a means for people to contribute time, resources and expertise for a greater good of our society.


The African Volunteer Football Academy for the Less Privileged (AVFAL) is in a position to work in partnership with foundations, football clubs, churches and community development organisation worldwide to meet brand as well as corporate social responsibility and objectives. Young people and sport is a powerful combination, and we all need to work together to develop and nurture healthy active lifestyles amongst all young people. We recognize that sport can create a spirit of adventure and creativity that's why we aims to inspire 8 to 22 year old youth while helping schools meet their behaviour improvement targets through a structured programme of activities


The centres are situated in the sea site towns of Limbe, Cameroon and Freetown in Sierra Leone . We are also located in Nakuru, Kenya. We have students from every corner of Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Kenya and neighbouring countries such as Nigeria, Senegal, Chad, Benin, Central Africa Republic and Gabon. For the past years, we have been involved in the training and formation of young footballers. Currently, our players are playing with second and third division clubs.



The Association works to promote and develop the game of soccer in Cameroon in particular and Africa as a whole at all levels.

The Association is a Charitable, Voluntary, non-profit, non-partisan, non-sectarian, non-racial and strictly amateur.

To educate and train the population on the Rights of the youths and sensitise the youths on the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic;

To fight against the illicit manufacture, possession, trade or transfer of small arms and light weapons (SALW).

To fight against child labour and assist the child in conflict with the law.

Fight child and women trafficking, drugs and arms violence amongst our youths

Provide community access to the computers (for a fee) outside of the minimum of six free youth hours.

To build and support a Youths community working to defend Human Rights and social justice. AVFAL inspire and empower a new generation of Youths to act for a meaningful social change.

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